Finding the Best Motorcycle Travel Bags

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Traveling across the country on a motorcycle is an amazing experience. Nothing gets you up-close-and-personal with your surroundings quite like riding in the open air. Riding down curving roads through beautiful forests, cruising along next to raging rivers or taking in urban environments as you ride on by is an incredible way to experience the country first-hand.

Touring on a motorcycle, however, takes a lot of careful planning. It is not like taking a trip in a car where you can load up a giant suitcase with everything you might need on the trip. Instead, you have to be extremely frugal about the items that you bring with you, packing only the things that are the most essential.

Motorcycle travel bags are small and won’t be able to fit a lot of stuff. Because of this, you need to think carefully about every single item that you bring with you. Before it goes in the bag, ask yourself whether it is a necessity or a luxury. Most luxury items should be left behind.

If you find that you need more space, you may want to spend some time exploring the various types of bags that are available. Here are a few you may want to consider:



These bags hang on either side of your bike and are usually draped across the seat, the luggage rack, or the rear fender. Probably the most common type of bag used on motorcycles, because they are easy to mount and easy to fill. However, they provide limited space and can’t be locked, which means that your belongings can easily be stolen.


Side Cases

These are extremely similar to saddlebags, except they are hard-sided cases. They can typically be bolted on to your bike and can be locked, which makes them a much more secure option than traditional saddlebags. The main downside to these cases is that their fixed sides make it hard to cram stuff in them. Additionally, depending on their design, they may interfere with the leg room of the passenger.


Sissy Bar Bags

As you might guess from their name, these bags sit up behind the sissy bar. They are usually fairly tall and provide a lot of storage room. If you don’t have a sissy bar on your bag, you can use a tail bag instead. These are essentially the same thing, except that they can be attached to other parts of your bike besides the sissy bar. These bags provide a lot of storage room and are easy to use. The only real drawback to them is that they can’t be locked, which again makes them prime targets for theft.


Top Cases

These bags are essentially hard-sided tail bags. They can be locked, which makes them far more secure than a traditional tail bag. However, they may not allow a passenger to ride on the bike depending upon the style of case.

These are just a few of the motorcycle travel bags that are available. Choosing the right bag can help make all of your bike-related adventures more enjoyable

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Benefits of Using A Motorcycle Route Planner

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Planning a route for your vacation is always a fun thing to do, but when you are on a motorcycle, you will quickly notice you have quite a few more challenges to overcome. This is when you should know the benefits of using a motorcycle route planner to help you in finding the way. By knowing about the benefits of these planners, it will be easier for you to take a trip on your motorcycle and know you are doing so in a safe manner.


What is a Motorcycle Route Planner

These route planners will take into account the road conditions and other factors that can impact the way the motorcycles are handled. However, what you need to realize is that these planners will take the safer route and in most cases, the scenic route for you to see and enjoy when while riding.


Why Use a Motorcycle Route Planner

Ability to share your trip’s route with other riders is something else that you will enjoy when you are using the route planners that are meant for motorcycles. Through this, it will be easier for youto organize rides.

Gasoline usage is another factor that you may be worried about. When riding a motorcycle, if you have a gas gauge, the accuracy of the gauge can be called into question. For this reason, you need to know how long the route will take. With these planners, you can know if you need to stop for gas before completing the route or if you have enough gas in the tank to make it.

When planning on taking a trip on a motorcycle, you should consider the benefits of using a motorcycle route planner. By using a route planner, it will be easy for you to find a route to take and know if your motorcycle can handle it.

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Motorcycle Trip Planning Websites

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Motorcycle Trip Planning Websites

Are you planning on a trip on your motorcycle, but are unsure how to do it exactly? Maybe you’ve never gone further than your town with your bike, but now you are ready to go further, but are not familiar with dos and don’ts, laws and the like? Here are some websites that you might find helpful information and that you can use to plan the trip. You should also make an online itinerary that will enable you to organize riding maps, directions and the like. – this is the site that has information on the best roads for motorcycle riding and going on longer trips. It offers free road maps and guides to the most beautiful, panoramic areas to go to, and great roads for motorcycle riding in the US. – this site offers interactive road maps with pictures of sceneries to help you choose your destination. It also has wide variety of motorcycling routs and roads to choose from. – This site deals more with attractions a rider might find on the road. If you are not looking for the best possible road, or great scenery, then you might find what you are looking for here. Best accommodations, various bars, cafes, and restaurants, charities, and various clubs, if you are interested in having some fun while you are on the road. You might also be interested to know where the dealerships are, where motorcycling merchandise can be bought, or other information such as the weather conditions, road conditions and much more! – This site has the highest tours in collaboration with the world’s leading company for motorcycling tours. You can choose a continent that you want to go on a trip, and they will get it done.

Click here to watch more – this site also offers rentals, and you can either go with your, or rent from New England, Adirondacks and Canadian Maritimes.

Harley-Davidson Ride Planner – ON this site you can create your own rout you wish to ride, and you can also add some points that you wish to see or visit. You can use landmarks to change routs. – this is the go-to online source of GPS ride maps and experiences that riders shared over the years to improve riding experience. – this is the most comprehensive set of pocket maps, which were created for riders. They are easy to use, and are very affordable. – here you can find thousands of different motorcycle roads that are unique in some way, and whatever else you need to plan a trip in the US. – this site offers the best maps for riding worldwide. It includes various roads, such as mountain passes, offroad rides, routs that are best for long cruising, and much more! – this is a site filled with photos of roads and places, also video reviews of bikers on spot, GPS maps and so much more for a fanatical rider to help him choose what he feels to be the best for his riding experience.

So, don’t be discouraged if you are unsure how to plan a trip on your motorcycle. There are plenty of information on these sites, just be sure to do the research, and your joyride can begin!

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